What is the LaboratoryAssist Program ?

  • LaboratoryAssist is a free resource that gives uninsured individuals access to affordable laboratory testing.
  • Laboratories and draw locations across the United States participate in the program to offers quick, high quality and affordable diagnostic lab testing for patients having to pay for testing out of pocket.

How It Works2020-08-19T11:48:40-06:00

Nationwide Access To Diagnostic Lab Tests

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How It Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

About LaboratoryAssist

What is the LaboratoryAssist program?2020-04-17T15:47:21-06:00

The LaboratoryAssist Program partners with local laboratories across the country to offer low upfront rates for diagnostic lab tests.

Is there an the advantage to using LaboratoryAssist?2020-04-18T22:26:36-06:00

There a few unique advantages to scheduling with LaboratoryAssist :

  1. Access to discounted pricing well below what you can get as a self-pay patient.
  2. Know the cost of your services upfront before you go in.
  3. Protection from rate changes and unexpected bills.
  4. Ability to get lab work within 2 hours from the time a request is made.

Scheduling Process

How do I schedule my lab tests?2020-06-02T22:22:03-06:00

Scheduling is simple and quick. All lab tests can be completed on a walk-in basis and no appointments are necessary.

The scheduling process is as follows :

  1. Visit our schedule page to select your lab tests and lab location.
  2. Complete the schedule form to create a scheduling request
  3. Submit your referral with the scheduling request or via fax or email.
  4. LaboratoryAssist will email you a link to make a payment and download your lab requisition within 3 hours of your submission (for urgent requests, call 888-996-0650)
  5. Go to your selected lab with your requisition on a walk-in basis
How long does it take to get my lab test?2020-06-02T22:31:30-06:00

LaboratoryAssist provides you a lab requisition within 3 hours of submitting a request for non-urgent requests. Once the requisition is received, you can visit the lab on a walk-in basis immediately or schedule a time to visit the lab.

When and where do I make a payment?2020-06-02T22:36:36-06:00

Patients are emailed a link to make a payment once a lab requisition is generated. Requisitions can be downloaded instantly once a payment is made. Payments are always made to LaboratoryAssist.


I have insurance. Can I use LaboratoryAssist?2020-04-18T22:21:25-06:00

You can use LaboratoryAssist as long as you are willing to pay for your lab tests out of pocket. LaboratoryAssist is out-of-network for most insurance plans and will not file a claim for you. You will be required to pay LaboratoryAssist for your lab tests and then seek reimbursement from your plan based on your plan benefits. LaboratoryAssist will provide you with all the necessary data to submit a claim with your plan.

I am not a resident of the USA. Can I use LaboratoryAssist?2020-04-18T22:22:47-06:00

Yes. There are no residency restrictions at this time. You may use LaboratoryAssist even if you are not a resident of the USA.

Are there any income requirements to use LaboratoryAssist?2020-04-18T22:25:11-06:00

There are no income restrictions to schedule lab tests through LaboratoryAssist at this time. You will need to meet income requirements if applying for financial assistance.


Do I need a provider referral?2020-06-02T21:43:47-06:00

Yes. A provider referral is necessary to schedule any lab test through the LaboratoryAssist. If you do not have a provider referral, LaboratoryAssist can schedule a virtual consultation for you.

What kind of providers do you accept referrals from?2020-06-02T21:49:54-06:00

LaboratoryAssist accepts lab orders from any medical provider licensed to order lab tests and a valid NPI number. This includes but is not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists, chiropractors. Always keep in mind that ultimately the ordering provider is responsible for continuity of care.

Does the referral have to be made out to LaboratoryAssist?2020-06-02T21:52:13-06:00

No. LaboratoryAssist accepts referrals made out to any lab. LaboratoryAssist only needs a referral to determine whether a lab test has been ordered by a provider.

My referral is made out to an alternate lab? Is that acceptable?2020-06-02T21:53:26-06:00

Yes. LaboratoryAssist accepts referrals/orders written to other labs. Referrals do not need to be made to LaboratoryAssist.

I do not have a referral from a provider. What should I do?2020-06-02T22:06:15-06:00

You may obtain a referral via our virtual consultation service. Virtual consultations are $40 and you will receive a call from a provider within a few hours.

What constitutes a good referral?2020-06-02T22:14:04-06:00

At a minimum a referral must contain the following information :

  • Identify the patient
  • Identify lab tests being ordered
  • Name of the ordering provider (legible)
  • Provider signature or the words “Electronically Signed By XYZ”

For your referral to be effective, it is good practice to include :

  • Date of order
  • Diagnosis or the reason for the tests (eg. rule out diabetes)
  • Any special instructions (eg. fasting)


Can I pay using my HSA / FSA account?2020-04-18T22:33:53-06:00

Yes. You can use funds from your FSA or HSA towards any purchase at LaboratoryAssist. You can simply use your FSA debit card to make a payment or can submit our invoice to your FSA/HSA to get reimbursed.

I belong to a Health Sharing Plan. Can I use LaboratoryAssist?2020-04-18T22:37:24-06:00

Yes. LaboratoryAssist supports health sharing ministries and their members use LaboratoryAssist frequently. Once a payment is made, just let us know which Health Sharing plan you belong to and we will send you a statement that has all the relevant information needed to file the reimbursement request.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-04-18T22:42:26-06:00

LaboratoryAssist accepts payments via the following methods:

  • Debit or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover only)
  • eCheck or ACH transaction
  • Check
  • HSA, FSA or HRA cards
  • CareCredit
Can I apply payments towards my deductible?2020-04-18T22:46:54-06:00

You may be able to apply lab tests scheduled through LaboratoryAssist to your deductible, but eligibility is determined by your insurance company and depends on your plan. Upon request, LaboratoryAssist will provide you with an insurance statement containing all the necessary details typically needed for a claim.

Can I get a refund if I don’t get the lab tests?2020-04-18T22:49:24-06:00

Yes. Every purchase through LaboratoryAssist is backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If you do not receive your purchased lab test for any reason, you will receive a full refund for the test.


How do I request a refund?2020-04-18T22:50:07-06:00

You may request a refund by calling our help line or emailing info@laboratoryassist.com

I received a bill from the lab? What should I do?2020-04-18T22:56:27-06:00

If you have received a bill from a laboratory, do not pay it. Contact LaboratoryAssist by calling the help line or writing us an email and we will ensure the bill is zeroed out.
This typically occurs when a lab enters the requisition incorrectly and does not know where to bill the charges for the lab tests.

Appointments : 1-888-531-2030