Nationwide Access To Diagnostic Lab Tests

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About Us


LaboratoryAssist is a social program committed to bringing accessibility and pricing transparency to diagnostic lab tests. The program works with thousands of laboratories and draw locations in all 50 states bringing quick, affordable access to lab work to uninsured and self-pay patients.

Why we created LaboratoryAssist?

Diagnostic lab tests are an integral part of diagnosing and treating most medical conditions. Often patients find themselves in a situation where they are asked to complete lab work but are not really made aware that they have a choice in selecting their lab. Most patients often go ahead choose to have their lab work completed at a lab convenient to the physician ordering the test. The main reason for this being that its convenient and that don’t have a good way of knowing what other options they have available to them. This often ends in patients receiving alarming bills.
This is why we created, LaboratoryAssist. A program through which patients can see labs available in their area, know the cost upfront and schedule quickly.

Our Philosophy

When diagnosed with a medical condition, lab tests are usually one of the first step in understanding the problem. Being uninsured at the same time puts the patient in an almost impossible situation.

1) The patients sense of reasoning is clouded by the news of the illness.
2) The discomfort from the illness creates a sense of urgency and a desperation to treat the problem.

Patients in this situation are not in a frame of mind to price shop or understand the intricacies of medical coding and often go with the first lab referred to without fully understanding the costs associated. They later face high costs at the back end.

Our organization was founded as a trusted resource for the uninsured to assist them in this time of need. The program aims to make scheduling lab tests quick, easy and very affordable with no surprises.

Our History

The organization started of as ColonoscopyAssist, a colon cancer screening program that assisted uninsured individuals to receive affordable colonoscopies. For many years, the program worked with laboratories all over the country to offer affordable pathology and lab work to patients that needed follow up tests after their colonoscopy. In 2019, the offering was formalized under LaboratoryAssist and opened up to the public.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple

– Make diagnostic labs accessible to the uninsured.
– Help patients receive quality healthcare despite not having insurance

What we do?

LaboratoryAssist is a nationwide program specializing in providing diagnostic lab tests and pathology to self-pay patients.