What is the LaboratoryAssist Program ?

  • LaboratoryAssist is a free resource that gives uninsured individuals access to affordable laboratory testing.
  • Laboratories and draw locations across the United States participate in the program to offers quick, high quality and affordable diagnostic lab testing for patients having to pay for testing out of pocket.

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Nationwide Access To Diagnostic Lab Tests

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How It Works?

About LaboratoryAssist

The LaboratoryAssist Program partners with local laboratories across the country to offer low upfront rates for diagnostic lab tests.

There a few unique advantages to scheduling with LaboratoryAssist :

  1. Access to discounted pricing well below what you can get as a self-pay patient.
  2. Know the cost of your services upfront before you go in.
  3. Protection from rate changes and unexpected bills.
  4. Ability to get lab work within 2 hours from the time a request is made.

LaboratoryAssist’s rates are truly all-inclusive rates with no surprises at the center. Our rates include all costs related to the lab test and there are no hidden charges.

The rates include:

  1. Laboratory fees
  2. Pathologist fees
  3. Reports
  4. Our money back guarantee

LaboratoryAssist is available as a resource to any individual paying out-of-pocket for diagnostic lab testing.

There are no current limits on the number of times an individual may use the program at this time.

LaboratoryAssist is able to provide affordable diagnostic imaging and GI procedures such as colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. For more information on our other programs, you may call the Assist Health Group nationwide assistance line at 888-996-0650.

LaboratoryAssist is available to assist patients between the hours of 8am-5pm CST Monday through Friday.


You must meet the following two criteria to be able to schedule with LaboratoryAssist:
1. You must be paying for your lab testing out-of-pocket, and
2. You must have an order from a provider for your labs.

There are no income, residency or immigration restrictions at this time.

Yes, you can! LaboratoryAssist was designed as an assistance program to help the uninsured and is the reason we exist.

You can use LaboratoryAssist as long as you are willing to pay for your lab tests out of pocket. LaboratoryAssist is unable to file insurance claims on your behalf.

No. RadiologyAssist is unable to file insurance claims.

There are no income, residency or immigration restrictions to schedule imaging studies through LaboratoryAssist at this time.

We fully support and stand behind health sharing plans and their mission. Members of health sharing ministries use LaboratoryAssist regularly and over time, we have created a special statement that include all the necessary codes and information so that the sharing plans can reimburse their members.
Just request an itemized statement once your study has been completed and we will send you a pre-completed statement to submit to your plan.

You may submit this request by emailing info@laboratoryassist.com or calling our support line at (888) 996-0650.

Yes. There are no residency restrictions at this time and you may use LaboratoryAssist even if you are not a resident of the USA or visiting the USA.

Please note that certain collaborating facilities do not accept referrals from international providers. In these cases, our agents will help you find a centers which will accept your referral or otherwise help you obtain one through our virtual consultation service.

Scheduling Process

Scheduling is simple and quick. All lab tests can be completed on a walk-in basis and no appointments are necessary.

The scheduling process is as follows :

  1. Select your lab tests and lab location from our home page.
  2. Submit your referral.
  3. Receive your lab requisition within 3 hours with a link for payment (for urgent requests, call 888-996-0650)
  4. Go to your selected lab with your requisition on a walk-in basis

You may use our location lookup tool to locate imaging centers that participate with LaboratoryAssist.

Our website may not list certain complex lab tests. If you are unable to locate the test you have been referred for, call our toll-free help line at 888-996-0650 for assistance from a trained patient navigator.

If you would like to make any changes to your initial scheduling request, give us a call at our toll-free help line at 888-996-0650 so that we can designate the changes in your request. You can also send an email with the information to info@laboratoryassist.com.

LaboratoryAssist provides you a lab requisition within 4 hours of submitting a request for non-urgent requests. Once the requisition is received, you can visit the lab on a walk-in basis immediately or schedule a time to visit the lab.

Patients are emailed a link to make a payment once a lab requisition is generated. Requisitions can be downloaded instantly once a payment is made. Payments are always made to LaboratoryAssist.

For more information on completing your payment, see the payment section of our frequently asked questions.

No. LaboratoryAssist cannot retroactively cover any lab tests already performed.

You may cancel an appointment request in one of the following two ways :
1) By phone at 888-996-0650
2) By emailing info@laboratoryassist.com

For urgent schedules, please following the below protocol:
1) Complete a request on our website
2) Submit your referral to LaboratoryAssist
3) Call us at 888-996-0650 and request an urgent requisition.

An agent will work to get your requisition entered while on the phone. Remember, while we are able to accommodate urgent requests, you will need to check with the lab prior to arriving for testing availability.

Appointment Questions

For tests requiring fasting, you will be required to abstain from eating prior to your lab test. For fasting instructions regarding your test, check with your physician for details.

Any specific prep instructions for your lab testing can be requested from your physician or the lab directly prior to your appointment. Please be sure to collect the prep instructions for your test.

Prior to arriving to the lab, confirm any requirements or special instructions with the lab directly. Be sure to bring your lab requisition form that LaboratoryAssist will provide you.

You will be able to choose the closest or most cost effective facility to you at the time of submitting your scheduling request. Visit our lab location search page for collaborating lab locations near you.

Each collaborating lab will have varying hours. It is best to contact the lab directly to obtain their hours of operation.

All collaborating lab locations perform lab work on a walk-in basis. If you would like to schedule a specific appointment time, contact the lab of your choosing directly to coordinate once you have completed the scheduling process through LaboratoryAssist and have received your lab requisition form.

In most cases, your lab testing will only take minutes. The time your testing will take depends on the testing you will receive. Wait times will vary by location. Prior to arrival, please call the lab to verify this information.

If you received any additional testing at the time of your appointment, please contact LaboratoryAssist at 888-996-0650 so that we can assist you with providing coverage for the additional tests.


Yes. A provider referral is required to schedule any lab test through LaboratoryAssist.

If you do not have a provider referral, LaboratoryAssist can schedule a virtual consultation for you.

LaboratoryAssist makes it easy to submit your referral for scheduling. Referrals can be submitted the following way:

  1. Fax the referral to 888-996-0650
  2. Email the referral to info@laboratoryassist.com
  3. Submit the referral to our referral portal

Referrals from any medical provider licensed to order lab tests and a valid NPI number are acceptable. This includes but is not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, dentists and chiropractors.

Referrals do not have to be made out to LaboratoryAssist. Any valid referral written by a medical professional with an NPI number will be accepted.

Please note that it is at the discretion of the facility to accept the referral.

Yes. If the referral has been issued by a medical professional with an NPI number, it will be accepted.

You may obtain a referral via our virtual consultation service. Virtual consultations are $40 and you will receive a call from a provider within a 24 hours.

At a minimum a referral must contain the following information :
  • Identify the patient
  • Identify lab tests being ordered
  • Name of the ordering provider (legible)
  • Provider signature or the words “Electronically Signed By XYZ”

For your referral to be effective, it is good practice to include :

  • Date of order
  • Diagnosis or the reason for the tests (eg. rule out diabetes)
  • Any special instructions (eg. fasting)

Most order are valid for six months, unless specified otherwise by your physician. The validity of referrals can depend on other factors. If you believe you may have an expired referral, coordinate with your physician to have a new referral issued.

No. A referral is required to have any lab test performed. If you do not have a referral, you can arrange a virtual consultation through our program.

LaboratoryAssist will schedule the lab testing per your referral. If you would like to schedule only a partial number of tests, please ensure the order sent to us indicates clearly which tests need to be scheduled.

Yes. You can simply take a picture of your referral and submit the referral to our uploading portal. You can also email a picture of the referral to info@laboratoryassist.com if you prefer.

LaboratoryAssist is unable to get an order from your physician’s office, as offices will not release referrals without your consent. You will need to call your physician’s office and request to have the order sent to us.

If you are unable to obtain the referral from your physician or your physician will not send the referral to LaboratoryAssist, we offer a virtual consultation service that you can utilize alternatively to obtain a referral.

If you are unable to obtain the referral from your physician or your physician will not send the referral to LaboratoryAssist, we offer a virtual consultation service that you can utilize alternatively to obtain a referral.

We partner with a virtual consultation service where you can speak with a physician that can order imaging based on your conversation. The cost of the consultation is $40 and a provider will call you within 24 hours of your request.

If you do not want to utilize the virtual consultation service, you can visit any medical provider with an NPI number


LaboratoryAssist accepts payments via the following methods:

  • Debit or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover only)
  • eCheck or ACH transaction
  • Check
  • HSA, FSA or HRA cards
  • CareCredit

LaboratoryAssist does not accept American Express at this time.

Yes. You can use funds from your FSA or HSA towards any purchase at LaboratoryAssist. You can simply use your FSA debit card to make a payment or can submit our receipt to your FSA/HSA to get reimbursed.

You may be able to apply lab tests scheduled through LaboratoryAssist to your deductible, but eligibility is determined by your insurance company and depends on your plan. Upon request, LaboratoryAssist will provide you with a statement containing all the necessary details typically needed for a claim. Laboratory is unable to file insurance claims.

Every purchase through LaboratoryAssist is backed by our money-back guarantee. If you need a refund for services not rendered, please contact us at 888-996-0650 so we can process a refund.

For more information on refunds, see the refunds section of our frequently asked questions page.

If you have received a bill from a laboratory for a service scheduled through LaboratoryAssist, do not pay it. Please contact LaboratoryAssist so that we can correct the error.

You will be emailed a link to make a payment once a lab requisition is generated. Payments are always made to LaboratoryAssist. If you require any assistance in completing your payment, give us a call at 888-996-0650 so we can assist you.

Payment for lab work scheduled through LaboratoryAssist is due prior to your testing. You will receive an email once payment is due and your lab requisition form will be sent to you once payment is completed.

No. There are no additional fees through our program once you arrive to the lab. LaboratoryAssist provides all-inclusive rates for diagnostic lab work and there are no hidden or additional fees.

A draw fee is a cost associated with receiving your lab testing. The rate is included in your total and will always be a known, up-front cost.

For additional assistance with questions regarding pricing or payments, give our toll-free help line a call at 888-996-065o to speak with a patient navigator.

No. To utilize the LaboratoryAssist program, payments will be due to LaboratoryAssist prior to your lab visit.

Yes. LaboratoryAssist offers financial assistance options for patients in need of obtaining diagnostic lab work affordably.

Please see our financial assistance page for more details.

LaboratoryAssist is a pre-paid and out-of-pocket program. You will be given an up-front cost for your lab testing. There are no hidden charges or fees.

LaboratoryAssist utilizes Authorize.Net to ensure all payments are secure.

If you obtained a Groupon voucher for your lab testing, you can enter your Groupon voucher number in your appointment request.

The pricing will show the full amount, but your price will be zeroed out once the request is submitted and your lab requisition is created.

Reports and Results

Results are sent to your referring physician from the lab directly. If the report is needed by a certain date, please make this known at the lab during testing. To obtain a copy of your reports, please contact the lab location your tests were performed with directly.

This will depend on the test. In most cases, reports will be ready and available within a few days. LaboratoryAssist recommends that the patient discuss with the front desk where and when reports will be sent prior to leaving the lab. If reports are urgent, please inform the front desk to avoid delays and set expectations correctly.

To obtain reports for your lab testing, please contact the lab your tests were performed at directly. LaboratoryAssist recommends that you discuss where and when reports will be sent with both the virtual consultation provider as well as the lab.

You can request a report from the lab where your testing was performed.

Yes. You can schedule a follow-up through our virtual consultation service. You will need to request a new virtual consultation.

The follow up consultation will require an additional consultation payment of $40.

LaboratoryAssist is unable to provide any guidance for your reports. Please discuss all results with your referring physician or primary care physician.

LaboratoryAssist collaborates with accredited labs nationwide to ensure all lab testing results are accurate.


Yes. Every purchase through LaboratoryAssist is backed by our money-back guarantee. If you do not receive your purchased lab test for any reason, you will receive a full refund for the test.

Please contact LaboratoryAssist at 888-996-0650 regarding any refunds you need to request. You can also send us an email with the information at info@laboratoryassist.com.

LaboratoryAssist typically processes all refund requests within 48 hours. Once the refund has been submitted by LaboratoryAssist, the refund should arrive within 3-10 business days depending on your bank.

No. There are no processing fees for refunds.

Virtual Consultations

LaboratoryAssist created our virtual consultation service as a way to help individuals that are finding it difficult to obtain their lab referrals.
The service pairs the individual with a licensed provider that can write an lab order, quickly and affordably.

To utilize the service:

  1. Visit our virtual consultations page to submit your consultation request.
  2. Within 24 business hours, a provider will review the request and either write the lab order directly or reach out to you for clarifications.
  3. If lab testing is warranted, LaboratoryAssist will receive the lab order and proceed to coordinate your labs.

The cost of the virtual consultation is a flat $40.

The provider will call you within 24 business hours of the request (*see note below).
Remember, a call is not always needed. If the provider determines sufficient information is available in your written request, a lab order will directly be written without a call.

*Note : While we almost always meet the 24 business hour turnaround time it is not a guarantee. LaboratoryAssist is dependent on contracted independent tele-medicine providers and have little control over their operations.

All collaborating virtual providers are licensed to write lab orders. Beyond this, LaboratoryAssist makes no warranties.

Upon completion of your consultation, LaboratoryAssist receives your referral within the same business day.

Yes, to request a copy, give us a call at 888-996-0650 or send us an email at info@laboratoryassist.com.

No. The virtual consultation program is designed for non-emergent situations only. Do not not use this service if you are experiencing a medical emergency or if you have any pressing time commitment matter.

Business hours for the virtual consultation service are Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm (CST).

Following your request submission, you will receive an email with a support phone number for the tele-medicine service. You may call the support number to see if it is possible to have your record reviewed.

If you missed a call from the provider, you should receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

If you would like to schedule a time to speak with the provider, you can add this information within your consultation request.

Please note that this is at the discretion of the virtual consultation provider and the provider may be unable to arrange a specific time for a call.

Yes. Our virtual consultation providers are only able to accept patients over the age of 18.

Labs typically send a copy of your reports to the ordering physician by default. If you have a virtual consultation, it is very important that you discuss with the virtual consultation service as well as the lab how you will obtain your reports.

Your payment is for a tele-medicine consultation and not for any particular outcome.
A lab order is always as per the providers discretion. If labs are not warranted, the provider should explain the medical reasons why.

No. Your payment to LaboratoryAssist is for a consultation and not for any particular outcome.

A refund can not be given once a consultation has been completed or referral provided. However, you are free to use the lab order at any lab, even outside of LaboratoryAssist.

A refund can not be given once a consultation has been completed or referral provided. However, you are free to use the lab order at any lab center even outside of LaboratoryAssist.

If a consultation has not occurred, give us a call at 888-996-0650 or email us at info@laboratoryassist.com.

Yes. You can obtain multiple referrals from your consultation. This can be discussed with the provider and is at the discretion of the provider.

No. If it is a straight-forward request, a provider may issue a referral without speaking to you.

Yes. The virtual consultation service is available to patients in all 50 states.

Yes. You are welcome to utilize the service more than once.

Yes. However, a new consultation will need to be requested. You can designate a follow-up consultation on your consultation request forms.
The follow-up consultation will require an additional $40 payment.

No. The virtual consultation can only be requested for lab services.

Appointments : 1-888-996-0650